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 Charles Conti  - Violin Maker


  A violin maker living in Cleburne, Texas, making violins and violas.

   I studied plate tuning with Edward Campbell at spring workshops sponsored by the VMAAI in Tucson.     "The science of violin plate tuning was a door that offered predictability in the world of wood where no     two piece are alike. I won my first award in 2011, winning 3rd place in the tone competition with my     original designed viola at the VMAAI competition.  My instruments are even across the strings, set up for     comfort and playability. Violins and Violas become tools that produce predictable sounds. Wood is     selected for tone production and its beauty”.

    A board member of the VMAAI
    Member of the Violin Society of America


   Services -

    Custom design  - color, finishes, and cases




—  Made by hand, one at a time  —

Updated   2-4-2014